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Let us start by saying welcome and thank you!

DONMAC Solutions was founded as the FIRST-known charity profit-sharing home improvments company in the UK!. Yes, thats right, we are proud to say that we work very closely with respected charities to whom we donate much-needed funds each and every year - but it couldn't happen without you!

How can we do it? Its simple.

Here at DONMAC Solutions we have built a sustainable business platform that allows us to maintain our business without suffering the ever-inflating overheads that some of the big market leaders are carrying. these overheades are passed onto you, the customer, so you pay more for your home improvements than you need to. but we're lean and we're keen!

With over 20 years of industry experience, we offer only the highest quality products at the most competative of prices.
Installed only by experienced and time-served craftsmen.

We select and employ only the very best staff and to top that out, you will have exclusive access, 24/7, to our customer support team.

At Donmac Solutions Ltd ,we offer the highest grade of products, which includes A+ rated energy efficient units, windows, doors, orangeries and conservatory's they all come with the most reputable , secure, multi point locking systems on the market today which are backed up by our secure accreditation.

We offer a vast range of colours in UPVC and offer high grade aluminium products which again are a+ rated. Our portfolio also includes the very best facias, soffits and guttering systems.

We also pride ourselves for our outstanding roofing and driveways. We complete any internal home projects , including fitted kitchens, bathrooms, extensions , staircases , loft conversions.”

Our portfolio also includes the very best facias, soffits, guttering, roofing and drivesways together with accredited damp and mould services, extensions, and any internal home project of your dreams. This includes fitted kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, stairways, loft conversions and any other project you may require.

We offer a vast range of colours in UPVC and also offer high grade aluminium products which again are A+ rated. We offer a unique colour match service which allows you to choose ANY colour of your choice across the spectrum!

On a tight budget?  Want to improve the look of your home?  Then why not take advantage of our re-glaze and re-trim service.

Brighten up the look of your existing windows at a fraction of the cost by installing energy efficient sealed units and have the frames re-trimmed with a colour of your choice.


All our products come with a guarantee of upto 25 years.


Donmac Solutions Ltd, home improvements company, a profit sharing business


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